David Vos

I am a recent MSc. graduate in Artificial Intelligence working as a visiting researcher at the Intelligent Data Engineering Lab at the University of Amsterdam.

My interests are, among other things, working on advanced data pipelines as well as performing research in natural language processing and machine learning.

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Publications πŸ“

  • Towards Parameter-Efficient Automation of Data Wrangling Tasks with Prefix-Tuning
    David Vos, Till DΓΆhmen, Sebastian Schelter
    In The Table Representation Learning Workshop @ NeurIPS 2022

Education πŸŽ“

  • Master in Artificial Intelligence
    University of Amsterdam
    GPA: 8.2/10, cum laude
  • Minor in Computer Science
    University of Edinburgh
  • Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence
    University of Amsterdam
    GPA: 8.3/10, cum laude
    Completed the official honours programme

Sample of my work πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

  • My master thesis on prefix-tuning for multilingual data-to-text generation.
  • I did an internship at DPG Media (Recommendation & Search), the biggest media publisher in the Netherlands.
  • I worked at A-INSIGHTS as a data engineer on creating efficient data pipelines to provide market insights.
  • I worked at Finly as a web developer on an application to help (insurance) companies efficiently communicate with their clients.
  • A very small Chrome plugin to quickly close Stack Overflow tabs.

Some of my skills 🎯

Programming: Python (advanced), SQL (advanced), Javascript (advanced), Latex (advanced), Go (intermediate), PHP (intermediate), Java (intermediate), R (intermediate), C (beginner), Rust (beginner)
Frameworks: PyTorch (advanced), Django & Flask (advanced), Laravel (advanced), React (intermediate)
Languages: Dutch (native), English (fluent, C2 level with CPE certificate), German (intermediate, B2 level)